How Should I Prepare For School?

Be Playful when chatting about Childcare

Relax mom and baby will relax.  Babies and Toddler need to know that mommy feels its safe.  Children settle after a few weeks, however this may take longer.  Babies below the age of six months normally do not experience separation anxiety.

Pop into Angie Pangie’s for a visit

Come and spend some time playing with us for a couple of hours for a few days.  This will help ease your child into the day-care.

Always say good bye to your baby

We always want parents to kiss their child goodbye before leaving as this reassures that baby that it is ok and tell your child you will be back to fetch them later.

Special teddy or baby blanket

Sleep with a special teddy or baby blanket so that your baby has a familiar smell around them.

Quick Notes

  • Talk about it

  • Come visit us

  • Always say Goodbye

  • Send a blankie or teddy

Things to remember


Make sure all vaccinations are up to date.


Bottles and Sippy cups need to be labelled.  We would appreciate it if dummies also have a label on them.  All clothing also needs to be marked.

Sleep time

Discuss sleep time with us so that we can help you with the routine.  It’s always a good idea to implement this before bringing your child to day-care as this will help your child with the routine.

Keep calm

Wake up early enough to get your child to school in a relaxed atmosphere.

We will keep mommy updated

Whilst your child is settling in we like to give mommies an update via Whatsapp.

Pick up

Babies have a biological clock and they know when it’s time for mommy to arrive, it’s always a good idea to stick to a pick up time and not arrive late.

Quick Notes

  • Vaccinations up to date

  • Label everything

  • Lets chat about sleep time


  • We will update you

  • Don’t be late for pickup

Childcare Checklist

  • Bedding and blankets for sleep time
  • Extra clothes (include extra pants if potty training)
  • Jackets/hats/shoes for outdoor play
  • Sunscreen
  • Special toy
  • Nappies, wet wipes, and nappy cream
  • Dummy (if you have chosen to use one)
  • Bottles (a cooler is good for transporting breast milk, milk or formula)
  • Shampoo, soap and towel (for those oopsies that require a bath)