We serve Oats, Mielie Meal, Maltabela, Weetbix or Egg and toast for our breakfast.  This changes daily.


Week 1

Monday:                                             Soup of the day

Tuesday :                                           Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday :                                      Shepherd’s Pie

Thursday :                                          Chicken Casserole

Friday :                                               Mashed potatoes with veggies and meat

Week 2

Monday                                              Soup of the day

Tuesday :                                           Chicken a la king

Wednesday :                                      Macaroni cheese

Thursday :                                          Meat balls and  mash

Friday :                                               Fish cakes with veg

Week 3

Monday                                              Stuffed gems

Tuesday :                                           Soup of the day

Wednesday :                                      Fish fingers and chips

Thursday :                                          Pap and Wors

Friday :                                               Chicken kebabs and salad

Week 4

Monday                                              Bangers and mash

Tuesday :                                           Tuna quiche

Wednesday :                                      Soup of the day

Thursday :                                          Stuffed butternut

Friday :                                               Chicken fingers, rice and veg


Snack Menu

Morning Snack-                                 Sandwich and fruit

Afternoon Snack –                            Sandwich and Fruit or Veggie snack

NOTE:  Please note that we do not use sugar